Saturday, December 04, 2004

Money Problems

Some people don’t understand that you can not balance the U.S. budget. If we did balance it, it would not be good for the economy. Our economy would go down hill. It is better that we re in debt. The economy was horrible in 30’s, then when we entered the war in 1941, we had mass production and deficit spending, this helped the economy boom. No one seems to understand this, mainly because they are not well informed people. If we were to balance the budget, That would require the economy to go down hill. People would probably lose jobs. The military would be almost non existent.

If you’re worried about the federal government mortgaging our children’s future by running a gigantic budget deficit, which presidential candidate should you support?

Neither, according to a new study by the Concord Coalition, a nonpartisan group passionate about only one thing – deficit reduction.

Go to this site to read more MSN Money Campaign Promises

View on War Shifts

When Bush was first elected in 2000, he was against war. Well he wasn’t totally against it, but this is what he had to say about it: "When America uses force in the world, the cause must be just, the goal must be clear, and the victory must be overwhelming.'' Although he is not necessarily talking about war here, he still saying that there must be a good reason. How can you send the Men and Women of your country to war for one thing then when you don't succeed in that, decide to be there for another reason?

Here is another example of goals shifting…

In Iraq, a new goal: eliminate weapons of mass destruction the administration insisted threatened America. But there were none.

Then the goals started shifting … get rid of Saddam.
And then … something far harder, far fuzzier … bring democracy to Iraq.

To see more on the war in Iraq and the promises that are shifting there, go to this site CBS News Iraq Promises

G.W. Bush has no right to say Kerry Changes his mind!

How can Bush’s campaign say that Kerry keeps flip flopping. Has he taken a look at the past? He has said some things and then done the complete opposite. He really should watch what he is saying and hire some people to do research for both sides before he speaks.

9-11 CommissionMay 2002: "President Bush took a few minutes during his trip to Europe Thursday to voice his opposition to establishing a special commission to probe how the government dealt with terror warnings before Sept. 11th ." [CBS News]

Sept 2003: "President Bush said today he now supports establishing an independent commission to investigate the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks." [ABC News]

To read some more flip flops that Bush has done, go to this site Flip-Flops by G.W. Bush

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Thursday, December 02, 2004

Uniting the Country, a Promise?

"I hope that in this term," said House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., "President Bush will fulfill his renewed promise to be a uniter, not a divider."

Larry Elder: Don't look now -- but Bush is uniting the country

How does he want to unite the nation. Half the people here can not stand the things that Bush is doing. He is beating a dead horse with this promise. There is nothing Bush could do to unite the country. This will be one promise that will never come true. Wait, how bout this. He united a lot of the country when he sent the sons and daughters of people half way around the world. No one agreed with that, they want their children to come home, they want peace in the world. We are all anti-war. Hey maybe he did keep his promise, but killed 1500 people in doing so. Is this the way Bush plans on keeping all of his promises? I would hate to think so. Other than that, he has not managed to unite the country, it is now more divided than ever. It wasn't nearly this bad when Clinton was president. It seemed to me that everyone respected him. He was down to earth and knew what was going on. I think Bush goes crying to Daddy for help (or Cheney, since he looks like he controls Bush half the time). Whenever Bush is in trouble, he goes to Daddy. Just like when he didn't want to be in the armed forces, and when he didn't want to go to college. Maybe it really is his dad running the country since he never got elected to his second term. He would be a lot smarter than his son.

Guns in 2000

I think that the only reason that Bush won Ohio in 2000, is that he said he would pass a law to the right to carry a concealed weapon. I know my dad was pumped about this. He goes hunting and things and likes the idea of having a gun. Bush still mislead people about this. I do not remember him telling people the full extent about this right to carry law. I remember my mom was so worried that all these criminals were going to get their hands on a weapon and that the crime rate was going to go up. But what Bush didn't tell voters was that you were going to have to take a class and pass a test in order to have the right to carry a concealed weapon. Does Bush think every state is like Texas? No state should have the right to carry a concealed weapon. Whether or not you take that class. What if you still don't know how to defend yourself and you get robbed. Now some criminal has that weapon out on the streets somewhere. Ohio definently does not need the right to carry, we have enough problems as it is. Why not completely ban guns. What if hunters had to keep their guns locked up at some hunting ground that they could only get out if there was a police officer around somewhere. Lets only allow police to have the right to carry while on duty. This is how I feel about gun control. Get them off of the streets not put more on.
to read an interesting article go to TCS: Tech Central Station - It's the Guns, Stupid.

More Broken Promises

“As President Bush takes the stage tonight for the 2004 presidential debates, America will be reminded of all the promises Bush made - and subsequently broke - in his debate performances throughout 2000.”

To read the rest of the article, go to this site Daily Mislead.

This site talks about some of the promises made by Bush that he never kept or mislead people about. The writer of this article sites where he/she got all of their information from. They have the links provided so you can check it out for yourself. They talk about how bush was for gay marriage and now against it. How tax cuts were supposed to be for the bottom half of the population, but went to the top instead. He said he wanted to limit the use of the military, but what did he do, he put them in full use over in Iraq.

“Bush said, in 2000, that "by far the vast majority [of my tax cuts] go to the bottom end of the economic ladder." The bottom half of Americans will receive less than 8% of the benefits. While the top 5% of Americans will get more than 50% of the tax cuts.”
Broken Promises and Flip Flops - Election 2004 Archives

“Bush promised to make educational reform one of the biggest efforts of his administration back in 2000. Instead, in states like Missouri, the federal government reneged on funding and refused to pay for its legislation - leaving a lot of children behind.”

What should we say the next time Bush makes a promise? I wouldn’t count on him actually following through with it. Bush is one of those presidents that we can not trust, I said in a post before that bush was right there with Hoover on the worst presidents in history, but on his telling lies and things, he is right there with Nixon.

Wednesday, December 01, 2004

Bush Wants to put a Man on the Moon?

Bush says that he wants to put a man on the moon. Haven't we already done that. Why waste the money. We are not going to learn anything new. He just wants to make the rich more richer one more. "We want the public to feel that they had input into this process because they're the ones who are going to have to pay for it," said Edward "Pete" Aldridge, chairman of the president's space commission. Tax payers are going to have to pay for it, but only the ones who make UNDER so much money. Because as we all know, Bush gives those tax cuts to the upper class. Why put a man on the moon? We have nothing to gain by that. Lets put him on mars instead. Search for the water that is ther somewhere, cause we all know that there once was life on mars. We have the proof not just explore it more. I will pay for a man to go to Mars, but not to the moon. If you want to read more about this article go to
CBS News

Difference in Promises

So far the number of promises that Bush has made have been enormous. Just read the following article that I found on the Washington Monthly.

“ ‘President Bush will end his four-year term having fulfilled
about 46 percent of the promises he made during the 2000 presidential
campaign, according to an analysis by Knight
.... A similar
Knight Ridder analysis found that,
during his first term, President Clinton had fulfilled about 66 percent of the
160 commitments that he made during his first presidential campaign.’

I realize
this number is a bit meaningless on its own, but even so it's sort of remarkable
that Bush has only managed to get to 46%. KR counts a broken promise as anything
that fails to happen, regardless of reason, and in most cases the reason for
failure was that a presidential proposal got blocked or stalled in Congress. But
Bush has had a Republican House for his full term and a Republican Senate for
all but 18 months, compared to Clinton, who faced a uniformly hostile Congress
for two out of his first four years.
But at least Bush got his tax cuts. A
Republican Congress is good for at least that much.”

What exactly is Bush doing while in office? I think that the whole reason we may have gone to war is so that Bush could get re-elected to office again. He has not done anything for the middle class. Everything that has been done, has been done for the upperclass. Bush, to me, is like a shirt that I read a couple of weeks ago; "Bush it just gets in the way", I agree with that shirt 100%. Bush may have kept his promise for a tax cut, but it wasn't a tax cut for my family, because I believe that our taxes in fact went up. So what are we suppose to do, when our taxes are up, and we cant make our payments. Blame Bush, but where will that get us. Bush needs to give a tax break to the lower classes and raise the taxes for the upper class. Why do the rich need to keep getting richer, they already have everything they could possibly need.

The Link above takes you to a page to post your comments and to read about what other people have to say about the subject.

Thursday, November 18, 2004

Rising Tuition

This blog is about the cost of higher education. How does Bush plan on getting more students to go to college? When their parents are making less money than what they need to attend college. The information that I am using to today came from Platforms and Promises. Why is it, that since Bush has been president, the tuition has gone up? When Clinton was in office the tuition was at a very reasonable price and middle class families could afford it. Take my family for example: My parents together make less than 80,000 dollars a year, my mom is going to school, I have two younger brothers that are both in high school and I am trying to go to college. With the rising tuition cost, I can barely afford to go to school. My parents are in debt up to their elbows and I can’t get any aid from the government because they say my parents make too much money? “Rising tuition costs have made the federal government's growing role in making college tuition affordable a campaign topic in this year's presidential election.” I think they need to lower the cost of tuition, how can it be so high with as bad as the economy is right now?

“Bush favors students giving up time after graduation in exchange for aid.” What exactly is it that Bush wants the students to do? I know what Kerry had in plan for students to do; Kerry wanted students to volunteer their time helping the government in their home towns.

“Iriana said the enhanced AmeriCorps system would give members of the national volunteer agency, AmeriCorps, education awards of $4,725 per year to help pay for college or graduate school. A student applying for a Federal Pell Grant would be eligible for an additional $1,000 in Pell Grant money if he or she completed the State Scholars program. The program sets standards above state requirements for graduation from high school. Bush adopted a 6 percent increase in federal financial aid in the 2005 federal budget. The total amount of aid available through Pell Grants per student has increased from $3,750 to $4,050 per year since 2001.”

I guess Bush might be trying, but has it really benefited those in the middle class? Or has it helped those in the upper class like it has done in the past?

Increased financial aid 55 percent since 2001 to a total of $73 billion.
Proposed to increase student loan limits. First-year limits would increase from $2,625 to $3,000.
Proposed in his 2005 budget to increase Pell Grant funding by $4.1 billion.

Promises a $4,000 "College Opportunity Tax Credit" for those paying college tuition.
Hopes to simplify the student aid application process.
Is proposing a full college scholarship for those who complete two years of national service.

Tuesday, November 16, 2004

Health Care Policy

My first blog on the presidential promises will be on the health care policy that Bush has proposed. I have got most of my information off of the Web MD website. Web MD had Bush’s national policy advisor, Megan Hauck, come and answer some questions on their site. The first couple of questions she answered had to deal with health insurance. People are very concerned about this policy because it is not clear.

Bush’s health care policy has a plan to import all the prescription drugs. The problem with that is they are stored and packaged improperly. By importing medication, this is supposed to bring the cost of prescriptions down. Won’t this be bad for the economy? There goes Bush again making our economy worse. If he is not careful, he is going to fall to the worst president in History right under President Hoover. Why doesn’t Bush just have all of the prescription drug companies get together and do Horizontal Integration. Horizontal Integration is when companies that are alike and producing the same product get together and decide on a price that they will all use. He won’t, but instead issues a Medicare discount card, which lowers the cost by 60%. Well who is making up for that 60% that has to be paid? I believe that this will come out of the pockets of the middle class yet again. Another tax raise for the middle class is coming for this one.

Member of Web MD: “Does George W Bush’s health care plan address the issues that face pregnant women without health insurance?”

Megan Hauck: “The President’s health care plan is addressed for all Americans without health insurance.”

Bush wants to give us options for choosing prescription drugs by “lowering” the cost. He is lowering the cost for people who don’t have the money to pay for the average health care plan. “The average cost of a family health insurance plan in the United States is almost $10,000.” Bush wants to cut that in half with the Medicare discount card in order to give people that extra $5,000 dollars to use for improving their lives. That other $5,000 is what people don’t here about. It would probably be added to your property tax somewhere without you knowing. That is how they get money for most things. I do not like President Bush’s Health Care Policy. There has to be a better way (horizontal integration) to lower the cost of prescription drugs.

Breaking Promises

The object of this blog is to track the presidential promises made by President Bush. Will he keep or break the promises made? We shall find out. I will go through websites and newspapers and read what people have to say about the promises. What they think that Bush is doing. And whether or not they feel he is keeping his promise. I want you to feel free to comment and give me your opinion on the promises or if you have a question about one of the promises. I want my audience to be people who need to be more informed, people who want to learn more about the president and why we should have elected Kerry instead. Enjoy reading my site.